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The Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya (FPAC) is a Charity and Cultural Private Foundation Registered with the No.1144 as approved and publicly stated by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Justice Department, on October 30th 1997. PO Address: Sabadell Airport E-08250 SABADELL, Barcelona, Spain. VAT Reg. No. G61449245

The FPAC mission is the preservation of the Aeronautical Heritage of Catalonia, the spread of Aeronautics Culture and the Cooperation in the Aeronautical Training of youngsters, with special emphasis on those at risk of social exclusion.

This features a collection of classic aircraft in flight, for ground operation and static display, and pending of restoration which can be seen at Sabadell Airport on the “PAC·OBERT” Open Exhibition Sundays or upon Appointment.

An Aeronautics Heritage that will be displayed at the Catalonia Aeronautical Garden-Museum, currently under construction in Sabadell Airport.

The Governance of the Foundation is set on its Incorporation Statutes [EST] approved by the Protectorate Service of the Generalitat de Catalunya Justice Department.

The Functional and Operational Organization of the Foundation and the composition of the Board of Trustees is stated on the Basic Operations Manual [MBO] which is available at the following links:

  • [MBO 1] – Introduction to the FPAC Basic Operations Manual
  • [MBO 2] ORG On the FPAC and Organization and Board of Trustees
  • [MBO 3]SBV On the Benefactor Volunteer Members of the FPAC
  • [MBO 4] – On Fleet Maintenance and Operation
  • [MBO 5] – On Volunteer Pilots
  • [MBO 6] – On PAC·OBERT and Flight Exhibitions

Personal data compiled by the FPAC with regards to its activities are stored, protected and processed in accordance with the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY of he Foundation, updated in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/97


The FPAC activities are based on Corporate and Institutional Sponsorships and Co-operation as well as on the economic contribution and professional dedication of affiliated Indiviuals supporting the FPAC either as Friends, Benefactors or Volunteer Benefactors.

Among the later, the FPAC is supported by students having curricular internships in communication, management, administration, operations, restoration or maintenance of aircraft at the FPAC facilities in Sabadell Airport (Workshop-School) and Barcelona Airport (CCA Building Workshop) as well as in the Centre Aeri of Vilanova i La Geltrú.

The opening to the public of the Aeronautic Garden-Museum of Catalonia, in 2018, is an opportunity to expand the social base of friends and benefactors as well as to open new paths of Sponsorship and Patronage.



The incentive benefits and the required economic contribution to become affiliated as a Friend or a Benefactor Partner of the FPAC are stated and communicated in the FPAC Benefactor Program. A program that is reviewed annually and published on the FPAC website.

The annual amounts of the donations received from the Friends and Benefactors of the FPAC are explicited in the accounts that the Foundation submits for fiscal and heritage integrity control purposes to the Protectorate of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


In 2016 the FPAC received monetary contributions from the Enaire Foundation (€ 90,000) and from Air BP (€ 21,000)

In 2017 the subsidies have been reduced substantially for budgetary reasons as reported by the sponsors. Enaire Foundation (€ 40,000) and Air BP (16,000)

This has forced to reduce, at a minimum, the flight activity of the heritage aircraft, waiting for better times.

It is not the first time that the FPAC has to adjust activity. Since the beginning of the economic crisis of 2009 the FPAC has lost the economic sponsorship of

Fundació la Caixa, Department of Territory and Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Their monies were devoted to capitalizing the building works of the Museum which, finally, had been able to start in November 2017

Employment Service of the Labor Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Their monies were dedicated to the occupational training of young people at risk of exclusion through Workshop-Schools focused on “on the job learning” applied to static aircraft restoration projects.

Diputació de Barcelona. Their monies were dedicated to the training of young undergraduate students in aeronautical maintenance through practical internships in the FPAC aircraft maintenance workshop and in the FPAC flight line maintenance activities.

The annual amounts of the sponsorship activities are explicited in the accounts that the Foundation submits for fiscal and heritage integrity control purposes to the Protectorate of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


The economic contribution of visitors on a guided tour representing a little part of the FPAC annual income, is not less important than the two previously explained sources, since it's the most effective activity for the creation of new visitors.

Obviously, the opening of the Museum opens up the possibility of increasing the number of guided tours as well as of establishing a price to the general entrance of visitors.


Additional to the sponsorship contracts,and in order to better support the accomplishment of its mission,.the FPAC has established collaboration agreements with several institutions, being the most important and today in force:

Sabadell City Council - Transfer of land use granted by AENA to build the Aeronautical Museum of Catalonia and granting a monetary grant of € 60,000 to be effective at the completion of the construction of the Museum.

Ministry of Defense, Air Force - Non Profit Loan (NPL) of Aircraft and Motors for Restoration and Static Exhibition.

Ministry of Transportation, General Directorate of Civil Aviation - Transfer of Aircraft to Restore and put in Flight.

Geological and Cartographic Institution of Catalonia – NPL of its first photogrammetry dedicated aircraft and photogrammetry equipments to build in the Museum an educational site dedicated to this kind of air works.

National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia - Agreement of Advice and Collaboration in Museology and Museography. Extended to the NPL to the FPAC of an aircraft that did not fit into the available space of the MNATEC headquarters, in Terrassa.

Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya - General Agreement for Collaboration and Exchange and / or Bidirectional NPLs of Aeronautical Assets between the FPAC and the INSIB, for training and education purposes. It has been developped through annexes that cover several operations of transfer and incorporation of museum exhibition elements, currently displayed at the CCA exhibition of the FPAC.

La Sénia Town Hall – NPL agreement of an aircraft received from INSIB as well as several historical elements to the Board of Trustees of the La Sénia Airfield Preservation Memorial.

Igualada Gliding Club – NPL agreement of diverse Heritage Gliders currently restored and exposed in the CCA.

Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell – Flagging of several aircraft

General Contact: info@fpac.org / fundaciopac@gmail.com

Training and Internships Contact: pacformacio@gmail.com

Appointments Contact: pacvisita@gmail.com

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